The ARTET Foundation is a non-profit institution founded in 2018 for research in relationships between thrombosis, hemostasis and tumors. The scientific knowledge it acquires in these fields is openly available to society. The Foundation fosters projects for care and assistance to frail patients who need anticoagulant or antithrombotic treatments and/or transfusions.

The ARTET Foundation upholds certain principles that guide the work of its researchers and scientists every day.

  • Professionality and integrity of the researchers
  • Safeguarding human health and dignity
  • Promoting prevention and information
  • Quality and liberty in scientific research
  • Equity and social solidarity

I have always looked at the world of clinical research with deep admiration, but I also used to think of it like an abstract, unreachable idea, far from everyday life. The daily commitment and determination of Anna Falanga and her group in the field of research on thrombosis, hemostasis and tumors, who I met as a Volunteer of the AIPA Association (Italian Association of Anticoagulated Patients), has allowed me to actually approach this field. Thanks to that meeting, in 2018, an abstract idea became reality, and together with Giovanna Bosatelli and Anna Falanga herself, we decided to create the ARTET Foundation. The aim is to promote research on the relationship between thrombosis, hemostasis, and tumors, with the ultimate goal of providing care and assistance to fragile patients who need antithrombotic, anticancer, and transfusion therapies.

Roberta Sestini
President of ARTET Foundation

Research is our best tool for exploring new horizons and making progress. Just think about the modern immunological therapies and prevention strategies that are radically changing the natural history of many diseases. Scientific research today stands as the absolute protagonist in the eternal battle between defining the causes of a disease and identifying the best treatments available. In addition, research is a fundamental tool for knowledge, useful to counteract all fake news concerning miraculous treatments and techniques that have no scientific foundation.”

Giovanna Bosatelli
Vice President of ARTET Foundation